Specialized services /added values

StayInAthens has a greater role than presenting houses for rent;actually, it manages a tenant from the very first moment that arrives in Athens until his return to his country. What does this mean?

  1. We will be in touch with you (via email, telephone, skype) before your arrival in Athens, answering questions about the flats, the universities, the transportation, the city life and anything else that might worry you. Our goal is to provide you with all the information needed so as to make the best and most insightful accommodation decision.
  2. We fix the housing contracts and all kind of paperwork that needs to be filled in prior to your arrival. If needed we contact universities, embassies and enterprises to take care all the pre-arrival formalities.
  3. We organize your reception inplaka Athens. After we meet each other at StayInAthens office we sign the contracts, offer you our lovely “welcome bag” and give you the apartment keys. Finally, our driver or someone from the team will drive you to the apartment and make sure that you are settled and feel comfortable in your new home.
  4. We arrange networking events and customized neighborhood tours around Athens with fellow international students/expatriates in order to make you feel at ease with Athens urban landscape and city center.
  5. We deal with any kind of problem that you might face during your stay and make sure that everything runs smoothly.