What kind of properties does StayInAthens sign up?


  • Athens city center
  • Close to any University Institution (AUEB, NTUA, Kapa, Panteion, Harokopeio, Uni of Piraesu, Agricultural Uni of Athens, TEI of Athens & TEI of Piraeus)
  • Thessaloniki city center and close to University Institutions
  • Properties in suburbs well connected with means of transport


  • More than 1 bedrooms with good layout
  • Newly built or recently renovated
  • Good condition of electric and hydraulic systems
  • No infrastructure or other issues (e.g. humidity)
  • Internet connection
    *Please advise the owners’ prerequisites presentations


  • Fully furnished and equipped including
    • linen and towels
    • crockery (plates, cups etc)
    • cutlery (knives,forks, spoons)
    • saucepans and frying pans
    • other cooking utensils (tin opener, whisk etc)
  • Modern interior design
  • Furniture new or in very good condition

For unfurnished properties, StayInAthens undertakes interior design study, purchasing and installation of furniture and equipment

What are my benefits?

Higher income

  • Higher rental price
  • Higher income 15-30%
  • Greater occupancy percentage
  • Efficient property exploitation

Save time

  • Property consultation
  • Rent payments/handling
  • Tenants check-in and check-out schedule
  • Save 20 hours per semester


  • Enduring promotion through StayInAthens platform
  • Owners can take advantage of their property anytime if no active reservations exist
  • Property can be used for owner needs for
    pre-specified periods


  • trust and safety
  • StayInAthens’ approach is towards a safe and trustworthy Accommodation service by reassuring everything goes more than well in the process.

What are the StayInAthens options for leasing or managing a property?


Fixed monthly fee

  • Guaranteed monthly income
  • Rental price based on property type and area



Fee per booking

  • Fixed fee per booking per month
  • Loyalty discount fee
  • Depends on proerty’s revenue potential

Submit your property: How it works for owners

Step 1

Contact Stay In Athens Team

Step 2

Get verified by StayInAthens Hospitality Team

Step 3

Start earning money

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Are there any stairs to the entrance? YESNO
Are there any stairs between entarnce and eleveator? YESNO
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