Kononos 85a


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  • Fall
    (15 Sep - 14 Feb)(2019/2020)
  • Spring
    (15 Feb - 30 June)(2020)
  • Full Year
    (15 Sep - 30 June)(2019/2020)
  • Fall
    (15 Sep - 14 Feb)(2020/2021)
  • Spring
    (15 Feb - 30 June)(2021)
  • Full Year
    (15 Sep - 30 June)(2020/2021)
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Kononos 85b polish 24 FRENCH 20 German 21 Fall Period 2019
Kononos 85a polish 24 French 21 German 21 Fall Period 2019

Accomodation Rules

Product Description

Lovely two-person apartment located at the heart of Pagrati area! Everything in the apartment is brand new (furniture, bathroom, electrical devices) since it just got renovated. It has two roomy signle bedrooms sharing a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom and a small living room with TV. Wifi internet connection and washing machine available. The apartment is located really centrally in Pangrati with plenty of shops, cafeterias and restaurants in just a few minutes walking distance. Good transportation to/from Athens historical city center. Ideal for students of Kapodestrian University or Medical School.