Dear all,

we inform you that your registration is completed through the booking process as described below:

Step 1

Your fist step is to find the apartment that best suits your needs through the available choices appearing in the main menu:

Step 2

From the main menu you will find available choices in different categories such as Shared Apartments, Studios and Erasmus Residences

Step 3

Once you choose the category of accommodation you prefer you will be directed to a list of available solutions. From this list you can press on a specific apartment to see the general description of the apartment. To check the rooms of the apartment you have to click on each one of them and you can then check the availability of dates.
If you see that there is no red sign of “not available” for the periods you wish to stay it means that the room is available.

Step 4

Then you press on the period you wish to reserve the apartment and whether you wish to pay in Installments or Full.

Step 5

Once you click on the relevant choices a card will appear with the total cost for your room. (Keep in mind that the amount you see on this card represents the full period of your stay and it also comprises one month as a deposit which you receive it back at the end of your stay).

Step 6

Once you check the amounts presented in the Card and you make sure you don’t have other house orders you don’t need on your card you can press “proceed to the check out”. (If for any reasons you have other orders registered from other apartments you visited and you clicked to book them (by error) just unclick them and keep the one you wish to reserve).

Step 7

After the “proceed to check out” button the registration of your data is requested as you are automatically directed to the “complete your order” section where your personal information is needed.

Step 8

Final step of the booking happens when you click the “place an order” button which equals to “book now”.

This is how the StayInAthens registration and booking system work. If there is anything you don’t understand or you wish to discuss further please send us your message at
If you have any requests for custom dates reservations you can go to the main menu on under the fixed dates menu and press on the relevant link for custom dates.