Why should I use your apartment finding service?


  • save you a considerable amount of time searching
  • feel safe in our system
  • clear rules which ensure and protect your tenancy rights
  • provide full documentation in English language


  • have the biggest experience in student housing
  • provide you with the best accommodation solutions in Athens
  • have clear rules which ensure and protect your tenancy rights
  • provide full documentation in English language
  • are available for any problem arising concerning you stay but also your life in Athens.
  • are here to facilitate your life abroad and create the appropriate accommodation conditions for the best period of your life – your stay in Athens.

What if the platform doesn’t show any search results?

If you cannot find any listing matching your search criteria, it’s possible that you are too specific on what you are looking for and/or that the exact combination cannot be found in our housing list. We suggest you start with basic search filters and then narrow down your choices from there.

Can I only reserve a room for the fixed academic semesters’ dates?

No, you can choose the custom search and find an available apartment for the period you wish to book. However, please, notice that the minimum contract’s duration that we can provide is for 3 months.

Do I need to pay in order to search for an apartment?

No, the search is 100% free of charge. StayInAthens charges a minimum administration fee (40 euros), payable only after you proceed to a room reservation. This fee is a fixed amount that is payed once and is meant to cover the administrative costs of StayInAthens.

My grant/scholarship will be delayed and I currently don’t have the funds to pay for my accommodation. Can I still rent an apartment?

Of course you can! We can arrange a multiple installments scheme that will enable you to ensure your Erasmus experience, even with limited funding. All you have to do is contact us, explain your financial situation and we will propose the most convenient payment scheme that suits you.

What is the normal payment planning for a tenant?

Concerning your payment, please have in mind that you can pay the amount of your rent in total or in some installments. The number of the installments depends on the duration of your stay.

(a) Semester tenant

A tenant who wishes to spend just one semester in Athens (fall or spring) can pay in up two installments.

Installments Deadline What am I paying?
1st Installment within two weeks from your reservation (10 working days) 1 month’s rent as a deposit (you will take it back on your departure)
2 months’ rent
40 euros as administration fee
Total: 3 months’ rent + 40 euros (adm. fee)
2nd Installment: 15th of October 3 months’ rent


(b) Full-year tenant

A tenant who wishes to spend a full academic year (September – June) in Athens can pay in up to 4 installments.

Installments Deadline What am I paying?
1st Installment within two weeks from your reservation (10 working days) 1 month’s rent as a deposit (you will take it back on your departure)
2 months’ rent
40 euros as administration fee
Total: 3 months’ rent + 40 euros (adm. fee)
2nd Installment: 15th of October 3 months’ rent
3rd Installment: 14th of January 2,5 months’ rent
4th Installment: 15th of March 2 months’ rent

What are the payment methods that your system supports?

(a) Bank Transfer
(b) Braintree
(c) PayPal

What happens in case of cancellation?

This depends on when you cancel your reservation. If you inform us about it early on, you can retrieve the whole amount you have payed except for the administration fee. If the cancellation takes place one month (or less) from the starting date of the contract, you will get back the amount you have paid deduced by the administration fee and the safety deposit, which is given to the apartment owner as compensation.

What additional costs do I have to pay apart from the rent?

There are no hidden costs that you will be asked to pay during your stay. All the bills and expenses (water, electricity, internet, heating) are included in the rent price. However, there are “normalconsumption limits” for water and electricity, in order to guarantee that no misuse takes place in the apartment.

What electrical equipment and kitchen utensils are available in the flat?

This really depends on the apartment. The minimumrequired equipment includes washing machine for clothes, refrigerator, oven, pots, pans, plates, cups and cutlery. Pretty much all the basic staff needed for a comfortable stay! However, there are apartments that may also have additional equipment like coffee machine, sandwich maker, vacuum cleaner or kettle- please check the description of each flat for more detailed information.

Should I bring my own bed sheets and towels or I will find some inside the flat?

A brand new service inspired by StayInAthens Hospitality Team for each and every one of you.Not a few of you asked us about bed linen and towels provided by us so as to save some space in your baggages.Your voices have been heard;this is why we created the AccPack. Itincludes some really great packages with bed linen and bath items.

Otherwise, you are highly advised to bring your own personal items meaning towels and bed linen, for obvious hygiene reasons. Usually, all of our apartments include second-hand items used by previous tenants and cleaned by our Team. Of course, you can also use whatever you find inside the flat but it is always better to have your own clean and nice-smelling staff.

What if I have friends or family members who want to visit me and stay in my apartment for a few days?

Visits from friends and family are permitted as long as consent is attained from fellow tenants and the owner of the apartment. So, this is something that you should discuss with the apartment owner and your future roommates upon arrival.

What if I arrive in my apartment and I don’t like it?

You have a 3 day trial period to report all the issues arisen and request accommodation change. In case none of the available apartments in our housing list meets your requirements, you are eligible for a full refund of the rent (the administration fee is not refunded).

When do I sign the contract?

The contract will be signed upon your arrival in Athens. In any case, you will receive in advance a copy of it via email, in order to read it thoroughly and discuss any concerns you may have. If you haven’t received one automatically, don’t hesitate to ask one at mail@stayinathens.com.

I have a pet. Is it difficult to find pet-friendly apartments?

In general, pets are not allowed in shared flats. In case you wish to share your stay with your furry friend, please send us an email and we can search for more pet friendly options (e.g. private studios).

How do I reach the StayInAthens’ office from airport?

There are several ways to reach Athens city center (where our office is located) from Athens International Airport. Please find below the three easiest ways…

(a) Grab a taxi straight from the airport to Syntagma: 

This is by far the most comfortable and quick way to reach us (especially if you had a long flight and you carry loads of bags with you) but it is also the most expensive one. The tariff from the airport to the city center is pretty max fixed at 35 euros (05:00 – 24:00) or 50 euros (00:00 – 05:00) depending on your arrival time.

(b) Take the metro blue line 3 “Agia Marina – Athens International Airport”:

This is also an easy way to reach us- you take the metro blue line from the arrivals terminal and you get off to“SYNTAGMA” metro station. From there, you take the exit that leads to Syntagma square and you walk for like 4 minutes until you reach our office. Please check the map attached to this email that shows exactly where our office is located and to which direction you should move. Also, note that the ticket for this metro line costs 8 euros.

(c) Last but not least, there is the EXPRESS bus from the Airport named “X95 Syntagma – Aerol. Athinon”

On the arrivals level of Athens International Airport you will find the spot for getting your bus ticket. Get your ticket, that you validate inside the bus and then take the bus X95 that goes directly to Syntagma Square (end of the bus line). This line operates 24 hours long but unfortunately you may wait it for loooong…once you reach the terminal station of the bus, our office is again on 5 minutes walking distance. The ticket for the airport express lines costs 5 euros.

What time should I book my flight?

As you can see, reaching Athens city center from the Airport is quite a journey that may take you from 45 minutes up to 2 hours, depending on the day/time of your arrival and the transportation means you will choose. For this reason, we don’t advise you to reserve flights that land after 16:00, so as not to be worried in case a flight delay or something unexpected comes up.

What if my flight delays?

In case of a delay, you are kindly requested to give us ring (+302108820898) so as to estimate the time at which we should wait you at our office.

What are the checkout procedures?

At the last day of your stay, the owner of the apartment or a member of our team will pass by for the checkout inspection meaning, to check your room and the shared spaces of the apartment for damages and cleanliness. If everything is left at a proper condition, you will receive your safety deposit back and return your apartment’s keys.