1. Experience

StayInAthens is an online platform that helps students, trainees and other expatriates to find short term accommodation in Athens, Greece. Having accommodated more than 3.500 exchange students and trainees the past 10 years, we provide specialized housing, reception and administration services. Every year more than 300 people trust StayInAthens for their accommodation.

All the apartments uploaded to our platform are handpicked, one by one, by our skilled team. We have very specific standards which a property should meet so as to include it to our list (minimum furnishing, equipment & electrical devices required) and we don’t add any unless we inspect it personally. So, you can rest assured that what you see is what you get!

The monthly rents include all bills and expenses (water, electricity, internet, common expenses, heating, etc.), in order to make your life in Athens easier and less stressful. All you have to do is to explore our housing list and choose the apartment that best matches your tastes and needs. Cause with more than 10 years of experience, we know how to make it easy!


2. Who we are?

2.1 Our story

We are a dynamic group of young graduates from Athens University of Economics and Business, with vision, bright ideas and creativity. We have all been in many different countries of Europe with the Erasmus exchange program and we have lived this unique once-in-a-lifetime experience. During our stay abroad we noticed that the biggest difficulty of living in a foreign country, apart from the language and overall cultural adaption, is the lack of a structured system providing short term accommodation.

When we came back to Athens in 2000 and became members of the Erasmus student association, aka ESN, we faced this issue once more, this time having to find accommodation for the incoming Erasmus students of our University.

We organized a voluntary group whose main purpose was to find houses and match them with the incoming students. For 6 years, the group offered its services on a volunteer basis. On 2006 we faced the challenge of covering 100 requests from Erasmus students for accommodation per academic semester.

Finding homes and taking care of tenants became so time consuming, that it took a great part of our lives. So, on 2007 we founded StayInAthens. This company began by presenting houses for rent over the Internet but has come to mean much more to the international community of Athens. Each year, more than 300 exchange students and expatriates choose StayInAthens for their accommodation. Well, maybe they know what they are doing!


2.2   People
This idea, in reality, came into being when we tried to give our passion and love to what we believed in, to what we would like to experience each and every semester remembering how important is to enjoy Erasmus. This would not be possible to do it just one of us. Therefore, we made up a team which was responsible for several issues. The team was split into 6 different structural parts which aim to move forward StayInAthens body.


3. Our System

Through the years, we have elaborated a system that is:

  1. Trustworthy and checks the apartment owners and their behavior towards tenants from the reimbursement of rents up to the return of the safety deposit, at the end of the stay. There are reviews available for all apartments and everyone can access the comments of the previous tenants.
  2. Available to serve the tenant on a daily basis and support him from the day of his arrival (hmmm, actually even before that) till his very last day in Athens. We are aiming to make accommodation and arrival arrangements as easy and stress free as possible. We constantly remain at your disposal, as a dear friend, who can help you in case a problem arises.
  3. Unique in its kind by offering not only accommodation but also customized city tours and networking with fellow international students and expatriates. Our mission is to help you explore the city like a native and become a part of the big international community of Athens.

Safe and transparent, providing legal housing contracts and payment invoices. As a tenant you will feel completely secure and protected with us, knowing all your rights and obligations from the very beginning