MUST VISIT places in Athens - History part

From Erasmus student to Erasmus students

Athens are truly charming city with lot of beautiful spots to see and visit. Even when your first impression from Athens might be not the best (if you come late night on Omonia by bus :-)). But don’t be afraid – just a few days and you will be impressed by uncountable amount of historical places, great food and drinks, Greek music, wild nightlife and kindly people. Here you can read my little guide built on own experiences from my Erasmus to give you another point of view on my second home – Athens. This part is concerning the main reason why are people visiting Athens – reach history that you couldn’t find anywhere, just here.

WANT A PIECE OF HISTORY? Go everywhere 🙂

In fact, there are so many archeological and historical places in Athens including museum that I just cannot name them all 🙂 I am just picking up my favorite ones:

  • Acropolis: probably that monument and first place we all saw in Athens. No words need, just got here, visit it and get impressed. Don’t forget to visit also Acropolis museum just 5 minutes from Acropolis.

  • Ancient Agora: not far away from Acropolis you can walk in ancient ruins in Agora and see one of the most beautiful temples in Athens – Temple of Hephaestus. In Agora you can read about everything you see and learn lot from Greek history as well. You can find also little museum here. Definitely worth it for visit (personally I spent more than 2 hours in Agora for three times during my stay).

  • Temple of Zeus: also one the must-seen ancient buildings and also very nice place for taking a picture J worth for your visit for sure.

  • National Archeological Museum: here you can spend all day by admiring ancient pottery, jewelry, statues, weapons and many more. You can also gain new knowledge from all information provided by the Museum. Personally, I visited this museum for three times – each time for at least three hours and I was still amazed by such a huge load of history. Simply amazing.

Other historical places that definitely worth for your visit as well:

Kerameikos cemetery


Romanian Agora – you can’t miss this wonderful place going from Monastiraki to Plaka or Acropolis.

Panathenaic stadium – highly recommended to visit during cultural event with unforgettable atmosphere.

Among the museums, the ones which really impressed me (except National Archeological Museum of course) is Museum of Cycladic Art and Byzantine and Christian Museum. They are very close to Syntagma (near metro Evangelismos) – on this huge street you can find big number of museums but these two have a special place in my heart. Do not forget that as a student you have free admission to almost all historical places and museums in Athens. Don’t miss the chance and enjoy it as much as you can.

Recommendation: Take bus from Pedion Areos (very close to Victoria station) or rent a car and go visit Temple of Poseidon in Sounio. You will pass by beautiful road next to the sea with fantastic view of Athens beaches. The Temple of Poseidon has wonderful location and provides you great experience (and photo spots as well).


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