To provide a bedroom (single or double) that contains the following:


The owner of the apartment guarantees the proper functioning of the utilities and the appliances (to include: electricity, gas, plumbing, washing machine, oven etc) and the satisfactory state of all property in the apartment. The owner agrees to repair the above items during the life of this contract. The owner is not responsible for any damage caused by the resident whether intentional or negligent.

The resident will receive, upon occupying the apartment, a key ring (one key for the street entrance and one for the door to the apartment) for his or her personal use. These keys must be returned to the owner upon leaving the apartment. In order to maintain a good academic environment in the apartment, the owner agrees to house only university students (or post graduates students, or recent graduate students) as long as the below signed resident is housed in the apartment.


For actually reserving the apartment the resident will have to the full amount of the rent plus a deposit which is equal to a month’s rent and an administration fee. Rentals periods that are longer than 5 months can be broken into several installments after communication with the “StayInAthens” staff. This payment will be made directly to “StayInAthens” office by bank transfer or electronic payment with the rest of the rent payment fixed to pay. Once this payment is effected, and we notice the money transfer to our account if the resident has chosen the money transfer option then we the reservation is valid and final. . The payment receipt must be sent by mail or fax to “StayInAthens” once completed.

The office will provide a paper presenting the amounts paid and the completion of full payment with the appropriate dates. The security deposit will be returned to the student by the owner upon completion of all parts of this agreement (under no circumstances will the security deposit be used as the last month’s rent).

After paying the security deposit the student will forfeit it if she or he does not move into the apartment, or leaves prior to the agreed upon date.

In the event there are missing or damaged items in the apartment (beyond the normal wear of them), repairs and or replacement will be made using the security deposit. In the event that the resident responsible for the damage does not take the responsibility, all residents will share the expense from their respective security deposit. The cost of utilities (electricity, gas and water) is comprised in the price and will not be paid by the residents. However, the handling is different in case of proven extreme use (of electricity, gas and water). The owner has the right to claim part of the deposit of each tenant in case it is proved that they have caused high consumption of electricity, gas and water. The fixed costs for electricity, gas and water should be agreed and signed both by the tenant and the owner.

Visits from friends and family are permitted so long as consent is attained from fellow residents and the owners.

Residents will respect the norms of the community and neighbors as well and special care will be taken in limiting noise.

The schedule maintained in the apartment is to be set by common agreement among the residents. Once set it is to be respected as part of this contract especially regarding study time and nighttime. The division of household tasks should also be considered binding such as the cleaning of the apartment, the removal of trash, retrieval of mail from the post box, etc.

The owner of the apartment is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of items left in the apartment by residents.

The residents will respect the decoration of the apartment and will not change the furniture or introduce new furniture with out the specific authorization of the owner. It is not permitted damage the wall in any way in order to hang pictures or other items. The residents will leave the common areas neat during the cleaning periods. Animals are not permitted in the apartment.

The consumption of any type of drug is not permitted in the apartment (to include forms of marijuana or cannabis, and the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages). Medical attention required by the residents will be obtained at their own expense.
In the case that a resident is found guilty of a crime or misdemeanor occurring in the apartment or outside of it, he or she will be expelled from the apartment.
If expelled from housing for reasons described in this contract neither the security deposit not the remainder of the rent paid in advance will be returned.


If the owner fails to meet his obligations, the student will be moved to another suitable housing (if available by the StayinAthens list) that offers a rent and location analogous to that of the original agreement.

In the case of unusual conflict between any resident and the owner of the apartment, or between residents of the apartment, in the interpretation or application of this contract and an acceptable agreement cannot be reached, the below signed agree to allow “StayinAthens” to arbitrate the disagreement.

This agreement is binding to all parties from the moment that the student manifests his or her agreement with the contract and makes payment of the security deposit in the “StayinAthens” office or at the Bank (direct payment or through bank transfer). In either case, to ensure increased legal security, the student will sign three copies of the agreement (one for the owner, one for the student and one for “StayinAthens” office). The responsibility of signing the contracts lies between the tenants and the owner. Contracts are signed between them after arranging a convenient meeting for all! Only in case of emergency (sickness, sudden absence) StayInAthens can undertake such a responsibility on behalf of the owner.