How It Works

First of all, our system requests to register your personal data. We mainly need as information your name, hosting institution (or organization) and your email address. This info is kept safe and is used from our team to communicate with you, to give you information relevant to your stay and according to the area you need to rent an apartment in Athens.

After you register your data, you can enter in our system any time you like, in order to search apartments and make a reservation in our system.

We would like to inform you that you can cancel your reservation within one day from the moment you made it. However, we give you one week to confirm it. That means that in case you need this accommodation choice, you can think about it for some days and then you can contact us at info@stayinathens.com. You can simply write to us "I confirm my reservation". We will reply to you with the steps you will have to follow after this confirmation.

In case you have any questions prior to your registration in our system or after your reservation concerning changing dates, payment methods or other clarification do not hesitate to contact us at info@stayinathens.com or at the following number : 0030-210-8820898.

The StayInAthens Team