Why should I use your apartment finding service?

Because, we have the biggest experience in student housing and we will provide you with the best accommodation solutions in Athens. We will save you a considerable amount of time searching and you can feel safe in our system. We have many rules which ensure and protect your tenancy rights. We are available for any problem arising concerning you stay but also your life in Athens. We are here to facilitate your Erasmus life and create the appropriate accommodation conditions for the best period of your life- your stay in Athens.

How does your apartment search service work?

First of all you create your personal account on our site. After that you have full access in our housing list where you will find the room that meets best your demand. The moment you pay the indicated amount of money you have completed your reservation. After that you have your room waiting for you to arrive in Athens.

How do I search for rental listings?

To start a new search, you have to register and make an Accommodation Application and then go to Personal Search. If you have not filled the application you will be prompted to do so. You must login into your account to search our listings otherwise you can just view our accommodation offerings.

Why do I have to give my name and email address to use StayInAthens.com?

StayInAthens.com collects your name and email address so that we can:


What if I'm not finding rentals in my search?

If you're not finding any listings matching your current search criteria, it's possible you are being too specific with your search criteria and the exact combination of what you're looking for simply can't be found in our listings. We suggest you start with broader search criteria and then narrow your choices from there. Regarding the dates, as our company follows the official Erasmus Semesters our reservation periods are presented as fixed. When you make a reservation you normally receive as contract dates the 15th of September to 15th of February or 15th of February to end of June or if you are a whole year students 15th of September to end of June. In case you actual date doesn’t match these three options don’t panic. Contact us and we can fix your dates according your request and availability. If you do not find anything suitable in our site contact us at info@stayinathens.com. We will be glad to help you as sometimes not all our apartments are uploaded in the system and we might have something suitable to propose you.

Do I need to pay to search for an apartment on StayInAthens.com

Your search for apartment is 100% free. StayinAthens charges an administration fee only when you have found the apartment you agree to rent. This fee is a fix amount that is meant to cover the administrative costs of Stayinathens. It is payable when you book your room.

How many properties can I see?

After creating your personal account you have full access in all the houses that we have in our list. You are suggested to use the Personal Search that shows you only the available properties matching your profile.

Why I have to pay the administration fee?

StayinAthens charges an administration fee only when you have found the apartment you agree to rent. This fee is a fixed amount that is meant to cover the administrative costs of Stayinathens. It is payable when you book your room.

How fast should I make my reservation in Stayinathens.com?

Apartments (and especially the good ones) in Athens are rented out very quickly, and it is crucial that your reservation is confirmed through email at info@stayinathens.com immediately upon making your choice. We follow the rule "first comes, first served" so you must send your confirmation in order not to find yourself in a situation where the apartment you wanted was rented out to someone else. The deadlines for payments are normally 15th of August for first semester reservations, 15th of January for second semester reservations. In case you are not an Erasmus student and you have reserved accommodation for different periods contact us and we will inform you on how to proceed with your payment and which date your payment has to be completed. In case you to cancel or change your reservation contact us as soon as possible.

My credit isn't that good. Can I still rent an apartment?

In case you are not able to pay the total amount let us know and we will see what arrangement we can do with the owner. For any further information contact us.

What happens in case of cancellation?

In any case of cancellation the administrative cost is not refundable. If your cancellation takes place till one month earlier from the starting date of the rental period you will get back the entire amount paid apart from the administration fee. If your cancellation takes place 15 days before the starting date of the rental period you will get back the complete amount you have paid except for the administration fee and the deposit.

ATTENTION! For whole year students who have reserved accommodation with us for the entire academic year and cancel their reservation in the middle of it they have penalty. The penalty is their deposit and the administration fee. In case they move in an apartment within the Stayinathens list they do not get charged or have any penalty. However, we repeat in case any student moves out of the Stayinathens System by violating their whole year contracts they lose both their administration fee and deposit.

What other costs do I have to pay apart from the rent?

There are no other costs that you will be asked to pay, all the expenses are included in the rent price! However, there are agreed limits of consumption of water and electricity for each person and are decided per house between tenants and owner. Though it is rare, in case of extreme use of water or electricity proved by bills then each tenant living in the house should share the difference according to the agreed figures written in the contract.

If I am one Year student can i move to another STAYINATHENS apartment in the middle of the academic year (for example 15th of February)?

As mentioned above, if you are a whole year student you have the right to move to another apartment within the Stayinathens list for the second semester. Of course you should notify us soon enough for us to make the reservation since the place you might be interested in could be taken away anytime by another Second Semester Student.

What do I do if I arrive in my apartment and I don’t like it?

You have a 3 day trial. Meaning that in case you have problems staying in the apartment you chose you let us know and we will provide you with other available accommodation solutions. In case we do not find an agreement in any apartment of our list you will receive the money you paid back. This is a rule to make our students feel secured and free for their choices. For this reason, we either provide you with other accommodation options or we refund you with the money you have initially paid.

What do I have to do if there appears some kind of problem with the apartment or the owner during my stay?

You inform us at info@stayinathens.com or you visit us in our office at the given office hours (set in the beginning of every semester). After we get informed for the problem we try to solve it and deal with the owner in case it is needed.

When do I sign the contract?

The contracts will be signed between you (all tenants of the house) and the owner in a fixed meeting which will be arranged upon in Athens

How do I login into an existing StayInAthens.com account?

To login into your existing StayInAthens.com account, simply click "Login" on the right My Menu or on top and right corner of the page. You'll be asked to submit your email address and StayInAthens.com password and then you'll arrive at your personalized StayInAthens.com home page. Once you login into your StayInAthens.com account, you usually won't need to login in again - unless you "Logout" or use a different computer.

I have a pet. Is it difficult to find pet-friendly apartments?

In the Shared flats pets are not allowed. But we could search for you, flats where you could have pets, after your request.

Why doesn't StayInAthens.com list rentals in other Greek cities?

StayInAthens.com currently lists rentals in Athens; however, we may have listings for certain areas close to Athens. We apologize if we do not yet have listings for other cities such as Thessaloniki. But we hope to offer more accommodation solutions in other cities and cooperate with other accommodation offices in other countries as well.